I have been a professional blogger and freelance writer since 2008.

  • I’m a Vacation Blogger and Playlist Creator for UpTake, helping consumers make better travel decisions and enjoy better trips.
  • I am the owner and content writer for the photography website Beyond Megapixels, along with my partner Steve Russell, where you can read product reviews, try out tutorials, and enjoy my photographic philosophies. I also provide support for their Facebook page, responding to fan requests for help and posting photographs.
  • I am a writer for Demand Studios, proliferating the Internet with all of the Abouts, How-To’s, and Answers being sought by the masses.
  • I am a contributing writer for Klett, a leading resources for educational materials.

Writing samples, references, scope of work, and fees are available upon request. Feel free to contact me at snerkology@gmail.com.