I grew up in Maine, and I am currently based in Chandler, Arizona. I travel back to the east coast as often as I can, and I also “play tourist” in my home state. My husband and I especially enjoy taking mini road trips on the weekends, exploring everything within a five-hour radius of our home.

I have a personal website, from which the brand name “Snerkology” was born. My original tagline explained that “snerk” is a cross between a snort and a smirk, and “Snerkology” is the study of those things which cause amusement, disgust, derision, or disbelief. The name stuck and has become my trademark. It’s often amusing, and sometimes a little confusing, to try to explain this when folks ask me, “What the heck does Snerkology mean?”

I am truly blessed that I am able to combine two of my greatest joys – writing and photography – in a manner that helps support my family. I wish that everyone could be so lucky to have a profession they’re passionate about.

Thank you very much for visiting!

Tiffany Joyce
Snerkology Media